Welcome to the Show

Seriously, welcome. Thanks for stopping by and all that goodness! First off, I had to write a disclaimer, because…well… I thought you should be aware for what you’re in for. So, on that note, somewhere up above there’s a tiny little link…yes, obviously the one that says “disclaimer”. So just check it out real quick and make sure this is really where you wanna be, mmk? Thanks.

Now, on with the show! I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now…so taa daaa here we are. Ooo Girl randomly popped in my head. So many times a day I really want to say “Ooo girl, guess what happened” or “Ooo girl, you ain’t gonna believe this shit” or even “Ooo girl, you look like a hot mess” I wish I could categorize this blog into a certain genre but there just isn’t one large enough. I’m gonna take you on a journey of life, weightloss (which I like to call “FATNESS BE GONE”}, and probably some of the most random shit you have ever encountered. You’ll be able to thank me later, don’t worry!

For now, just sit back and relax, it’s a hell of a show!


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